Sunday, March 30, 2014

catching up

Slowly but surely I am getting these done..

Thursday, February 6, 2014

New goal

One of my goals for this year is to catch up on my scrap booking. I feel like I take a thousand pictures a day and then they just sit on my computer. Well, not anymore!! 

So, this is {{hopefully}} how my blog posts will look from now on. Scrap booked!

Eventually you will get to see about our Christmas and trip to Idaho!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We hope you all have a Merry Merry Christmas!! We sure are! We are in Idaho playing with family in a winter wonderland!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fall pictures

I found these pictures on my phone and had to share how beautiful it is here. This fall was AMAZING!! You have probably heard people say that is SO pretty back east in the fall. Well, they are right! I took these pictures with my phone while walking around campus with Mike a few weeks ago. Simply beautiful!!

 {That red building in the middle is where Mike spends most of his time.}

This is one of Cornell's libraries. Pretty cool, right!

Mike's family came to visit! We went on a {freezing cold} walk through Sapsucker woods, it is an amazing bird sanctuary right next our apartments.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What I learned form New York City--

-- It hates Strollers.
Elevators were few and far between. Literally! Like miles between. You should have seen us heft that thing (ok maybe not, you would have laughed) full of tired and cute boy poundage up and down stairs and over subway meters... ugh, it was the worst! By the third day we were really good at finding handicap entrances and elevators.

--The subways are cree- to the capital P!!! (get it creePY!)
They are stinky and muggy and hot and smelly and then add a whole bunch of people and a big helping of "we don't know which train to get on because we were too distracted carrying our stroller down the stairs without falling". (:

--M&M's taste better when you get to pick the color. (And when they cost $12.99 per lb.)

-- Stu could be a Toys R Us Vanna White and Graham, a stunt double.

-- Street food really IS good!!
Stu and Graham chowed down their first New York hot dog and we got Indian food from a food truck that was AMAZING!

--New York City is in the middle of a kid shortage.
We were pretty much the only ones with kids, which meant our kids were SO loud everywhere we went. Not to mention that Stu spilled his pop trying to sit on this very tall kid friendly stool and Graham knocked an entire tray of food onto the floor. (: I love that Mike's face sums up perfectly how we felt!

--The city is perfect for bird chasing! There were pigeons everywhere. A little boys dream!

--My traveling buddies are SUPER cute! (But, really I already knew that!)
@ the 9/11 memorial.

-- The movie A Night At The Museum gave me unrealistic expectations for The Museum of National History.
Also, the museum closes at 5:45.. who does that! They kicked us out so quick we didn't have time to find the Dum Dum head. (A.K.A Easter Island head. I told you, unrealistic expectations..)

-- Manhattan is beautiful/crazy at night!

--Pizza + Pastries = A-OK!!

--Lady Liberty is a classy lady.
It was fun to finally see things that I have only heard of my entire life.

--Kid things like parks and swings do exist outside of Manhattan!
We visited Mike's cousins Deborah and Adam and there two littles in Brooklyn before we headed out. It was sure nice to see some familiar faces and be with people who knew where they were going for a change. Thanks Deborah and Adam!!!

--Vacations to New York City with kids are not vacations.
It was an exhausting trip for all of us. Even Graham was tired by the end. (See Graham's hand waiting for another M&M. So cute!)

--Last but not least I learned from visiting New York City that I am very happy living where I am with 3 cute boys!
(P.s. this is the building that Mike is in most all of the time for school.)

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Boys

The boy that climbs--

I am pretty sure that Graham is going to be our "accident" boy. He climbs on things that 16 month old boys should not be able to climb on. He has surprisingly strong hands and grips onto things really quick. Sometimes when we pick him up we pick up whatever he is holding onto as well, like a chair!!

The boy that goes to pre-school--

Stu started preschool about 2 weeks ago and he LOVES it!! I can't believe he is this big.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Tonight Stu stopped and sat on the ground and said "Ouch, my mustache!"
Turns out he has a different mustache than most people I have met. (:

Don't mind Mike's intense yawns in the background. (hahaha!) He is working hard and tired. He is the best!